Established in 1933, Char-Lite has been dedicated to servicing the liturgical industry with a reliable briquette for the burning of incense. Briquettes are formulated to light rapidly and provide a heat source up to 45 minutes.

Easy to Light ♦ Reliable

A SELF-LITE briquette lights immediately when touched by flame. Providing a slow consistent burn for 30 minutes or more!

Time-Tested Value

SELF-LITE has been produced and distributed worldwide for more than 60 years.
We are proud to offer the most economical and reliable resource for your congregation.

No-Waste Design

Each SELF-LITE briquette has an unusual “star saucer” shape. It holds three spoonfuls of incense as required by the Church Rubrics until every grain of incense is completely burned.

Convenient Packaging

All of our charcoal comes in sealed trays of 20 or packs of 6

Packs of 6 can be sold individualy or purchase it by the carton for 100

By the pack, or carton

Individual Pack of 6

Carton of 100 (5 Trays of 20)

Carton of 300 (Packs of 6)

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